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12-weeks to create the holistic business you’ve always dreamed of

This is a 12-week online mentorship program for holistic women who desire to make a profitable and sustainable business that gives them freedom, money and helps them to share their message and make a positive impact in the world.

How does it work?

Business Structure –  My 3-step A.T.A. methodology is simple:

1. Awareness – The first step is to build awareness of what you really want to create, and what is stopping you from doing this right now.

This includes getting clear on your vision, your divine ideal client, your unique method, what your personal brand looks like, and your offer.

2. Transmute – The second step is to transmute from idea and vision into creation. It will include a step-by-step process to help you materialise your divine talent by using powerful communication to generate more leads and results.

3. Action – The third step is to implement all the learnings and apply a heart-based sales method to scale your revenue and fill your events. It will also empower you in your mission to create your holistic business.

Elemental Structure:

The 12 weeks will be divided into 4 modules of 3 weeks, each module brining in the A.T.A. methodology while focusing on one of the four elements.

Weeks 1-3 AIR

This is all about what is possible. It involves big picture thinking outside of the box, brainstorming, strategising and the creative innovation that comes from air energy. This will help you to really nail down who you’re here to work with and the impact you’re here to create. It involves embodying and feeling your intention through the breath so you can manifest your goals.

Weeks 4-6 WATER

This module involves the fluidity that allows you to trust in the process while learning and expanding. You will understand who you’re here to connect with and support in your ideal business, and it will help you get clear and specific in your communication. You will be defining your brand identity, network and possibilities.

Weeks 7-9 FIRE

Fire is about being focused, direct and assertive. Your passion will be ignited and the strength you gain from fire energises and helps you to speed up your progress by transmuting ideas to reality. During this period it will be about taking action, getting the results you want, prioritising tasks and making good choices.

Weeks 10-12 EARTH

This is the implementation phase and a time of celebration. You will have a clear picture of your business structure and will start to attract the right clients and see transformations in yourself and in them that create amazing results. You will feel grounded and attuned to your natural rhythms.

Moon cycle phases:

The seasons of your monthly cycle are based on ancient women’s wisdom. As you get to know your cycle, you will learn how your body responds which will help you take different actions at the right time for maximum results.

Days 1-6 – Bleeding phase ( Inner- Winter)

This is a time of inward reflection and your energy is low. Women are said to be more powerful and have more access to their inner wisdom than at other times. When building a business this is the time to slow down a little and allow your inner wisdom to guide you in the right direction.

Days 7-13 – Pre-ovulation phase ( Inner- Spring)

This is a re-birth period which is perfect for planning and organising. During this phase you will have more energy, happiness and feel ready to take on the world. Take advantage of this by creating your strategies and moving your business forward.

Days 14-21 – Ovulation phase ( Inner-Summer)

Also called the Summer phase this is a time when a woman’s energy is more expressive and outward. She will feel more sociable and enthusiastic about connection so this is a great time to work on building community and nurturing your business relationships to create trust and loyalty. 

Days 22-29 – Luteal phase ( Inner-Fall)

During this phase you may find yourself wanting to go inward and look for more space. It’s important to focus on your needs at this time, however it can also be when you have your best creative insights. Use this time to nail down your business strategies and assert yourself as an expert.

What results can you expect?

Support in identifying your unique genius and creating a business that aligns with your soul’s authentic expression.

A viable business model that will accelerate your success and profits so you can help more people faster.

Clear, personalised action plan to help you reach your desired results.

Methodology to help you connect with your inner guidance.

Effective tools to support you with implementation of your goals.

Who is it for?

This program is for women who:

  1. Are over living a mediocre life and know they’re capable of more
  2. Are ready to own what’s holding them back from achieving their best life
  3. Are prepared to step into their power as a leader and create real change
  4. Want to connect more deeply with themselves and embody spiritual entrepreneurship
  5. Are seeking a community of like-minded authentic holistic women

Who is it not for?

  1. Anyone seeking a quick fix and not up to doing what it takes to be successful
  2. Those who are not willing to own their “stuff” and do the healing work necessary to get the results they want
  3. Anyone who is in victimhood and blames others for the way they are
  4. Those who makes excuses and are not prepared to change

What Does the Program Include?

1 x 90 minute group mentorship call per week for 12 weeks

12 Pillars of Holistic Business – Structure which gives you the steps needed to create your own holistic profitable business

Action Plan – Step by step homework program every week to create your business model

Private Facebook group to network with other members and receive support

BONUS a FREE E-Book from Passion to Profit

BONUS special guest interviews in the Facebook group


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I am so thankful that I completed Mariana's 12 week Business Program! Without her support I would still be confused about what actions to take and anxious about taking any steps to build my business! With Marianas mentorship my business has gone in the direction I want and given me the power and confidence to take action in an authentic way instead of taking action out of fear! Mariana is a powerful woman who incorporates her knowledge of entrepreneurship and business building with her intuitive and spiritual knowledge to assist women to build a successful business that lights up their soul. I honestly truly appreciate the support she has provided and the knowledge ad guidance she has given me

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    Why Work with Me?

    My name is Mariana Lennert, an Amazonian Business Woman who works as a spiritual business leader and mentor. I’ve been where you are and I know how to make this work.

    I am a transformational guide of epic proportions who is refreshingly honest, uniquely soulful and direct. Yeah baby! I don’t hold back. You need to know that I don’t accept excuses and if I think it’s warranted, I will call you out because I don’t mess around with your stories.

    One thing I can guarantee is I will help you get results because I will stretch you beyond your boundaries and help you blast through your upper limits. This will align you with your true nature and give you a business lifestyle that you’ll love.

    You will learn the business and mastery skills that you need in order to create significant income growth and lead a fully expressed life.