Challenge The Initiation (1)

A 3-day challenge to connect your women’s quest to embrace your unique medicine.

Initiation will be the recognition of a woman’s quest to reconnect with her unique medicine.

She will understand the reason why is very challenging for her to accept and embody her unique medicine.

A step closer to clarity and certainty of who you are and what you are here to serve.

Initiation will give you clarity on where you are in your quest, and about the challenges you face along the way that create the resistance to embody your unique medicine.

It’s time for the next level, it is time for a woman to understand that burning desire that resides inside of her. This challenge is for the woman ready to step to the next level.

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What will you learn:

  • Understand and clarity of a medicine woman’s quest
  • How to identify your gifts
  • How to discover your value
  • How to transform your medicine into Business

$1000 worth in prizes to be won in the challenge!

A little about me

My name is Mariana Lennert, an Amazonian Business Woman who works as a spiritual business leader and mentor. I’ve been where you are and I know how to make this work.

I am a transformational guide of epic proportions who is refreshingly honest, uniquely soulful and direct. Yeah baby! I don’t hold back. You need to know that I don’t accept excuses and if I think it’s warranted, I will call you out because I don’t mess around with your stories.

One thing I can guarantee is I will help you get results because I will stretch you beyond your boundaries and help you blast through your upper limits. This will align you with your true nature and give you a business lifestyle that you’ll love.

You will learn the business and mastery skills that you need in order to create significant income growth and lead a fully expressed life.

I, Mariana Lennert, am here to help you activate – to give you permission for what you most crave and desire.

Join me now for 3 days of life Initiation into the Medicine Women you are.

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