Coaching Services


Drawing on multiple coaching & healing modalities, including NLP, hypnotherapy and breathwork, I support coaching clients with a holistic toolbox to facilitate change from the inside out.

The Femmepreneur Mastermind experience calibrates you to the business that your soul desires to have.

Join the movement of feminine entrepreneurs claiming the bigness of their heartfelt business.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver

“I have been blessed to have Mariana as my coach both in my personal life and in business and I have loved receiving her support and guidance. Her timeline therapy was transformational for me, I was blown away with what what holding me back from being my truest self. The hypnosis was extremely relaxing and I found peace and gratitude came easy after this session. Mariana helped me release my limiting beliefs, which has helped my personal relationships and also my business”.

Get Mariana as a facilitator for your retreats or events

Other Services Offered:

  1. Sound Healing
  2. Cacao
  3. Space Holder
  4. Speaker

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From uncertainty to clarity, unfold what’s been missing in your life.

The time has come to activate your awareness. Self-Love, Passion & Purpose.

Implement proven strategies towards creating an even more fulfilling & joyful life.