Femmepreneurs Mastermind is a 3-month portal where business meets feminine pleasure and strategy meets your unique self, where business becomes an expression of your identity. Join the movement of feminine entrepreneurs claiming the bigness of their heartfelt business.


Imagine a community of women where you meet as strangers but come out as soul sisters and business partners; a community to elevate one another with opportunities that call you forward into more of who you are. FEMMEPRENEURS Mastermind can give you this community.

Sister, I invite you to stop the busyness of life
and take a big deep breath with me...

Long inhale and long exhale out. Now, IMAGINE a near future where...

• You have a business that energetically differentiates from any business of its kind
• You create an expression of your identity that honours your ancestors to create your legacy
• A business one with nature and its season
• A business with devotion, a business with female productivity, honouring your menstrual cycles
• AND… a business tuned to your energetic alignment that generates income with ease and flow

Powerful clients share:

I am so thankful that I completed Mariana's 12 week Business Program! Without her support I would still be confused about what actions to take and anxious about taking any steps to build my business! With Marianas mentorship my business has gone in the direction I want and given me the power and confidence to take action in an authentic way instead of taking action out of fear! Mariana is a powerful woman who incorporates her knowledge of entrepreneurship and business building with her intuitive and spiritual knowledge to assist women to build a successful business that lights up their soul. I honestly truly appreciate the support she has provided and the knowledge ad guidance she has given me.
Krystal Philipps
Quitting the 9-5 I decided I needed a business coach. I found some fantastic coaches and I worked with a couple of them. It was great and I was making progress and it was slow. I thought about what that was translating to energetically and concluded that maybe the masculine model of business coaching wasn't enough for me. Then I heard Mariana talking on a FB live and I totally resonated with her story. I decided right then that I needed to work with her. She has helped me to embrace my feminine in business and she showed me how to operate my spiritual based business from a more energetically balanced space. WOW WOW WOW what a difference that made!!!! After only 2 sessions with Mariana, I felt more aligned than I had felt in a long time. Mariana helped me to bring my unique form of medicine into the world with an authenticity and integrity that has me feeling like me. Every time I work with Mariana I feel heard, I feel seen and I definitely feel validated. She holds me accountable, makes me think and always brings me into my Heart Space. I am so looking forward to continuing to work with her.
Lulu Fletcher

Amazonian Queen, are you sick and tired of these:

Masculine hustle tactics, like chasing down clients, following up 1000x to find out if they want your offer. The truth is that if they did, they would have already said YES.

Trying to be an expert in one thing when, in reality, you are a multi-talented woman capable of many hats in your business.

9-5 rhythm jobs where you have set hours but yearn for freedom.

Enough of playing small. You have a very BIG mission in life. You have a deep, driving desire to leave the world a better place. Answer that call!

If you do not, you may find that too many things would become so unnecessarily complicated for you to reach your dreams.

Having to create your business the way your last “coach” built theirs instead of following your intuition can feel very limiting.

When you don’t like the rules and boxes imposed on you, when you are a rule-breaker searching for the unique, for more, feeling stuck is not an option.

Going over too many strategies and never sticking with one can lead to confusion, demoralization, and financial loss.

Can I get you a way out?!

The Femmepreneur Mastermind experience calibrates you to the business that your soul desires to have.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The power to integrate your menstrual cycle and business
  • Natural cycle and productivity
  • Energetics and rituals
  • Female productivity
  • Clarity on your unique and assertive message
  • Manifesting your dream clients
  • Branding
  • Creating your authentic and embodied offer
  • Heartfelt content creation
  • Sacred Sales
  • Designing your workshop or retreats
  • Becoming the embodiment of your business


  • Weekly workbook
  • Recorded sound healing session
  • New habit tracker
  • Four mystery guest speakers
  • A one-on-one 30-minute session with me
  • Access to a trained virtual assistant team
  • From Passion To Profit workbook
  • Incredible and supportive private community

Femmepreneur Mastermind Program worth of $7,777

Now at a special of $4,444!

4 payments of $1,250. Longer payment plan available under request, subject to approval. 

About The Facilitator
Mariana Lennert

I’m Mariana, a modern medicine woman, and business mentor. Throughout the last decade, I’ve dedicated every waking minute of my life to studying and supporting humans on their transformation journey. As a qualified Master Practitioner NLP coach and intuitive guide, I weave rituals and energy practices using coaching modalities and strategies. 

I support women looking for clarity, guidance, and direction to create a feminine heart led business.

I walk with them to get in touch with their WILD and UNTAMED  medicine, creating a successful feminine embodied business.  All this so that they may be FREE, RICH, & WILD, utilising the Awaken the Amazon Within Method.

Together, we will go on a journey of self-discovery so we can take back our divine feminine power once and for all.