Hello beautiful Sisters!

It was an honour to be with you today on this journey to awaken your full potential.
Congratulations on taking the first step by reaching out for guidance.
I am here so that together we can start on a quest to clear the veils of uncertainty, take action and create the purposeful life you are here to live.
Let me guide you and enlighten your path, working with your mind, activating your heart, and aligning the deepest desire of your soul.

Are you ready?

What I do?

As a qualified Master NLP Practitioner Coach, modern medicine woman, successful entrepreneur, and intuitive guide, I work in the transformational and business industry, supporting women to embody their unique medicine, women who are looking for CLARITY, GUIDANCE, DIRECTION, AND STRATEGY on how to create a feminine heart-led and successful business, that is aligned with their life.

How do I do?

In order to support you align with your purpose, integrating all your genius and talents crafting your unique medicine, create heart-led strategies in your business that will allow you to have more FREEDOM of money and time so you can devote your time into rituals, activating further your power and mission.

I will be supporting you to gain CONFIDENCE on your path, support you with your programs and clients, support you to AUTOMATE your business so is scalable and I will hold you accountable to your highest version along this journey.

In the Awaken the Amazon mentorship we will create a map, step by step of what is needed for you to create your heart-led business alongside your life and family, while you feel supported and empowered to take the right action and attract the perfect clients.

Who is this for:

  • Higher level of personal fulfillment
  • Deeper level of connection & co-creation in your business
  • Have the desire to create an impact in so many others live also to live a legacy
  • Want to conscious change the past story of your lineage
  • Are ready to step into the abundance of money, time, creativity, and joy in life
  • For women willing to unlock their inner feminine power, the womb connection, deeper within you to illuminate the bond that waves your hearts together.
























What some of the clients say about working with Mariana.

Chisato Larmet
Chisato Larmet
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Mariana has walked with me with care and guidance. I met Mariana almost a year ago at a cacao ceremony, where I signed up for a women's retreat (which was amazing) and then I decided to complete one on one coaching. She has helped me feel empowered, understood and accepted by myself. I finally feel like I am on the right path of knowing who I am. I have so much more confidence that I can rely on myself to create my own happiness and I can't thank you enough for your this
Krystal Philipps
Krystal Philipps
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I am so grateful to have been lucky enough to be supported by Mariana over the past 8 weeks! I was at a really low point when I first called her and was very lost and indecisive!! After being supported and guided by Mariana over the past 8 weeks I am feeling like a new person! I feel more confident, connected to myself and my loved ones and definitely have confidence in my decisions!! I cannot thank Mariana enough for her guidance to help me get to this point and highly recommend her!! I can't wait to do her 12 week business program too!
Lulu Fletcher
Lulu Fletcher
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Quitting the 9-5 I decided I needed a business coach. I found some fantastic coaches and I worked with a couple of them. It was great and I was making progress and it was slow. I thought about what that was translating to energetically and concluded that maybe the masculine model of business coaching wasn't enough for me. Then I heard Mariana talking on a FB live and I totally resonated with her story. I decided right then that I needed to work with her. She has helped me to embrace my feminine in business and she showed me how to operate my spiritual based business from a more energetically balanced space. WOW WOW WOW what a difference that made!!!! After only 2 sessions with Mariana, I felt more aligned than I had felt in a long time. Mariana helped me to bring my unique form of medicine into the world with an authenticity and integrity that has me feeling like me. Every time I work with Mariana I feel heard, I feel seen and I definitely feel validated. She holds me accountable, makes me think and always brings me into my Heart Space. I am so looking forward to continuing to work with her.

Proposal and Investment

Awaken the Amazon - 6-Month Mentorship
“This program is an invitation to shed your wounded identity and embody your fullest clarion expression. This PROGRAM offers you a map to initiate the feminine principles of authentic integrity-based business.”
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Awaken the Amazon - 12-Week Mentorship
“An understanding of every moment from the instant you decide you're ready for an incredible relationship with yourself and for the life beyond your wildest dream.”
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About Me

I come from a religious family in Brazil. Growing up, I did everything that was expected of me – I became a lawyer to follow in my father’s footsteps, I worked hard to have the career, body, and physical appearance I thought were key to my happiness… But of course, my soul wanted more.

From a very young age, I was curious about the mystical world and the mysteries and magic of the unseen. At the age of 12, I was questioning the origins of my soul with an inner knowing that we all have a purpose beyond the material.
Moving to Australia 15 years ago (without speaking a word of English!) opened new possibilities in me – I found a new source of strength in my core, a new zest for life. I felt connected to this land and began to unearth my inner magic and share my medicine with the world.

I now have two successful businesses and I guide women on their path to transformation and integration of body, mind, and soul into embodying their unique medicine and creating a profitable and feminine business.

From my heart to yours

My Background

  • Law at the University of Vale do Itajai
  • Access Bar Facilitator by Gary M. Douglas
  • Life Coach for Kids Certification by Dr. Joe Rubino
  • Mindfulness Certification by the Center of Excellence
  • Master Certification in Modern/Therapeutic Hypnosis by Elisabeth Anne Walker
  • Reiki I & II Certification
  • Health Coach Certification with International Health Coach Institute by Gladia Bernardi
  • Master Practitioner NLP
  • Master Practitioner TimeLine Therapy
  • Master Emotional change technique
  • Digital Marketing & Strategy
  • Master Coaching Practitioner Certification by Elisabeth Anne Walker
  • Sound Healer Certification by Gabriela Loureiro
  • Leadership Epigenetics
  • Breathwork by SOMA Breath
  • Spiritual Remember Facilitator by Earth Pulse
  • Love out Loud Facilitator
  • Founder of Collective Wellness Space
  • Founder of Awaken the Amazon Within
  • Speaker and Sales academy with Jeff Slater