Here’s what a few people have said about this experience

It could be the most transformational mini-break you’ve ever taken.

Mariana has been the first woman to show me my feminine side in a truly powerful and positive way.”

Louise Mears

“It was really quite magical to take that time out and learn. There is a process to it and it doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people to be able to release a load of that like it’s held physically and emotionally in our bodies”.

I learnt so much about myself and as a woman. Mariana holds such a beautiful space. She allows you to be seen, heard and validated. Mariana is a true divine goddess, a pure channel of the divine feminine and all her ancestors’ wisdom. Thank you for choosing this path for us.”

Jessica Medland

“If you’re looking to come to a retreat or you’ve lost your sparkle, you’re feeling a little bit low or flat and you just need something. I urge you to take action and come to this retreat. You will not be disappointed with the unbelievable value for money. It is an amazing experience”.

Mariana is a generous, caring, heart-centered facilitator. Her ability to
hold space and compassion create experiences shows you she is really
doing her souls work.”

Alexandra Bell

I cannot recommend Mariana enough. After leaving her retreat you will have the inner and outer strength to do whatever your heart desires. Mariana is the most amazing facilitator and human being.  She creates such a beautiful and sacred space for you be in.”

Amie Broadbent


“I have made such deep connections and realised how much I needed to embody the feminine in my life. I learned so much and made soul sisters for life. Mariana is so grounded, present and magnetic. I felt so safe throughout.”

 Tayla Botha

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