The Embodiment

3 Days & 2 Nights Retreat

26-28 of November, Friday to Sunday

853 Nobbys Creek Rd, Nobbys Creeks NSW 2484


26-28 of November, Friday to Sunday

Even though this powerful divine force lives within all women and we can tap into it at all times, it is easy to feel disconnected at times. Together, we can go back home. Join me in this 3-day retreat to become the embodied, empowered woman you are meant to be and own your life again.

This day retreat is the woman wanting to:

Through different modalities, you will become aware of your body, be fully present, and your heart will open to allow a beautiful transformation.

This is what they are saying about Mariana Lennert:

“I love her support through good and bad times, she inspires me day after day to be my best version. I love to be surrounded by strong woman like her! Thank you so much for you ongoing support and guidance through life. I’m very grateful!”

Cami Sheehan

“Mariana holds such a beautiful supportive space to help you let go, grow, blossum into a healthier & more aligned you! So very grateful for her magic & where I am now!”

Kim Teagle

“I have been blessed to have Mariana as my coach both in my personal life and in business and I have loved receiving her support and guidance. Her timeline therapy was transformational for me, I was blown away with what was holding me back from being my truest self. The hypnosis was extremely relaxing and I found peace and gratitude came easy after this session. Mariana helped me release my limiting beliefs, which has helped my personal relationships and also my business”.

Melinda Jayne

“Mariana is inspiring!! She supports you to be the best version of yourself. Extremely capable and dedicated!”

Dany Oliveira

This experience includes:

Can you hear the whispers of your soul inviting you to align the inner and outer worlds?

The Embodiment retreat is a 3-day immersion in nature for the woman who feels the call to come home to herself and reconnect with her creative fire within.

With daily activities and rituals, this weekend is an opportunity for you to receive the nourishment of Mother Earth and open up to the transformation that wants to flourish from the inside out.

What a powerful way to enter the new year with a new you.

About The Facilitator
Mariana Lennert

I’m Mariana, a coach, facilitator, and seeker. And, throughout the last decade, I’ve dedicated every waking minute of my life to studying and support humans on their transformation journey.

As a qualified Master Practitioner NLP coach and intuitive guide, I weave rituals and energy practices with coaching modalities and strategies. I support men and women looking for clarity, guidance, and direction on their path to personal growth and to become the leaders they came here to be. I invite you to join us for this amazing retreat.

Together, we will go on a journey of self-discovery so we can take back our divine femine power for once and for all.


Embody the divine feminine force within you and reclaim your life, creativity, passion, inspiration, playfulness and intuition will lead your way in creating the life you desire.