The Embodiment

4 Days & 3 Nights Retreat

This will be an incredible experience that will change you. Let nothing hold you back any longer. In here, you will unlock the great feminine power that resides within you all this time.

27th – 30th of October,  Thursday to Sunday. 

853 Nobbys Creek Rd, Nobbys Creek NSW 2484

This retreat is a place of safety where voices are heard, emotions shown, and your body is free to move. You can laugh, dance, sing, shake, cry, and heal. You will surely create some of your most incredible memories worth keeping here.

This retreat holds a sacred space for women to explore who they are. It is a place of encouragement and empowerment. By embarking on this transformative experience, you will see yourself as you really are — how  complete and capable you are. Attain anything you can imagine. THE EMBODIMENT RETREAT exists so that you, and other women like you, can be who you truly desire to be.

The Embodiment Retreat

There is a divine force that lives within all women. This force is available eternally. And yet, given the chaos of this world, it’s all too easy for us to feel disconnected from it. Let’s go back home to this divine force together.

Join me in this 4-days and 3-nights retreat (October 27-30, 2022) and become the embodied, empowered woman that you are meant to be. Own your life again.

This weekend retreat is for the woman who wants to:

Through different modalities, you will become aware of your body. You will be fully present. And, your heart will open up for a beautiful transformation.

This is what they are saying about Mariana Lennert:

“This was one of the most amazing retreats I have ever attended. It was value for money in all that we  received: from the beautiful venue, healthy vegan food to the incredible learning and transformational experiences. All women need this because you come away having found an extra piece of yourself. You learn what it is like to be an empowered, mature woman making lifetime conversations and connections. Mariana is an absolute at the craft. She is so committed to the outcome of this making women see their value and worth. She makes it all about you in the most loving way.”

Debbie Smart 

“I came to this retreat immature and I am walking away as a mature woman. I learnt so much about myself and as a woman. Mariana holds such a beautiful space she allows you to be seen, heard and validated. Mariana is a true divine goddess, a pure channel of the divine feminine and all her ancestors wisdom. Thanks you for choosing this path for us woman.”

Jessica Medland

“I love her support through good and bad times, she inspires me day after day to be my best version. I love to be surrounded by strong woman like her! Thank you so much for you ongoing support and guidance through life. I’m very grateful!”

Cami Sheehan

“Life-changing!! This is the first time I actually feel seen and loved by everyone. It’s given me permission to truly love and appreciate and see myself. The self-doubt has dissolved. It’s given me tools to honour my femininity and creativity power. An incredible balançe of shadow work, embodiment and fun. Mariana was incredible, real, raw, honest, trustworthy, transparent, caring, relatable and comforting.”

Amber Patterson

“I had no idea just how much I needed this retreat and Mariana’s teachings in my life. The healing and glorious fun in this retreat has been insurmountably precious. I will take these teachings and healing with me always.
Mariana is a caring, generous heart-centered facilitator. Her ability to hold space and compassion create experiences shows you she is really doing her souls work.”

Alexandra Bell

“I have recently returned from Mariana’s retreat and whoa what an epic experience it was. It’s actually incredibly hard to put into words. I have so much respect for the way Mariana guided us, held space for us, and challenged us to step out of our comfort zone. And I know every time I step out of my comfort zone, amazing things happen in my life. I have deep respect for you Mariana, thank you from the bottom of my heart “

Rose Hewartson


“Mariana holds such a beautiful supportive space to help you let go, grow, blossom into a healthier & more aligned you! So very grateful for her magic & where I am now!”

Kim Teagle

“I truly found Mariana’s Feminine Embodiment Retreat transformational! Mariana was a beautiful facilitator and held space for all of us beautifully to allow us to be vulnerable in a safe space. So we could talk openly and deeply about how we felt and past experiences. I have come away from the retreat feeling a lot more comfortable in my feminine and knowing the areas I need to work on more. I am so thankful for such a beautiful weekend and Mariana’s loving support and knowledge during the retreat. “

Krystal Phillips


“Mariana has been the first woman to show me my feminine side in a truly powerful and positive way.”

Louise Mears

This experience includes:

Can you hear the whispers of your soul inviting you to align the inner and outer worlds?

The Embodiment retreat is a 4-day & 3-nights, happening on October 27-30, 2022. It is an immersion in nature for the woman who feels the call to come home to herself and reconnect with her creative fire within.

With daily activities and rituals, this weekend is an opportunity for you to receive the nourishment of Mother Earth and open up to the transformation that wants to flourish from the inside out.

What a powerful way to renew a profound version of you.

About The Facilitator
Mariana Lennert

I’m Mariana, a modern medicine woman, and business mentor. Throughout the last decade, I’ve dedicated every waking minute of my life to studying and supporting humans on their transformation journey. As a qualified Master Practitioner NLP coach and intuitive guide, I weave rituals and energy practices using coaching modalities and strategies. 

I support women looking for clarity, guidance, and direction to create a feminine heart led business.

I walk with them to get in touch with their WILD and UNTAMED  medicine, creating a successful feminine embodied business.  All this so that they may be FREE, RICH, & WILD, utilising the Awaken the Amazon Within Method.

Together, we will go on a journey of self-discovery so we can take back our divine feminine power once and for all.


Embody the divine feminine force within you and reclaim your life, creativity, passion, inspiration, playfulness, and intuition. This feminine force will lead you to creating the life you’ve always desired.

October 27-30, 2022, Thursday to Friday.

Investment: $2222
Early bird price: $2000


* Payment plans are also available upon request