Day Retreat was designed for women who desire to connect with their feminine and creativity.

For busy women who would like to learn tools and rituals to implement on a day to day basis.

For women who desire time in nature to honour herself, to reconnect in a space where she feels safe.

For women who would like to understand more on how to awaken the power of creativity with their own medicine.

IF you have said


to the statements above this Day Retreat is…


We would love to welcome you into this experience.

What you will experience:

In this Retreat you will:

Reduce distractions of everyday life and allow yourself to reconnect and feel nurtured.

Reignite your own personal power, in a gentle and loving way.

Renew your connection with body, mind and spirit.

Connect with other women who are looking for a more present and conscious way.

Leave the retreat with a greater sense of ease, space, clarity and simplicity, love and compassion.

Become more in tune with your unconditional love to your divine feminine nature.